Marine Storm Valve

We offer a wide selection of marine storm valves of the highest quality. Our large-scale storm marine valves are commonly used in ship’s sanitary piping systems. These valves have a closing mechanism and a swing control valve.

Typically, the closing mechanism is a hand wheel, but it can also be activated. During high surf conditions, the marine storm valve helps prevent seawater intrusion into the system. 

Types of Marine Storm Valve

Right Angled Storm Valve - Vertical

Right Angled Storm Valve - Vertical

Right angle storm valve working with vertical water flow has flap, locking block and counterweight that controls the water flow in application. The water from above will be blocked or impede by flap by controlling the locking block upside down.

Straight Storm Valve - Horizontal

Straight Storm Valve - Horizontal

This type of marine storm valve has 3 major parts, the flap, counterweight and locking block. The lowered locking block fixed the flap and impeded the flow of fluid and the raised locking block frees the flap allowing the unimpeded water to flow.

Straight Storm Valve – Vertical

Straight Storm Valve – Vertical

The handle of this type of storm valve is lifted, releasing the flap and allowing water to flow in. And the backflow is blocked by the closed flap.

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The marine industry is one of our primary markets. Qingdao Rongkang Valve is known throughout the maritime sector for producing superior grade-related flow control products and systems. 

We make storm valves in accordance with national and international standards and undergo a series of quality assurance tests before market release.

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Applications of Marine Storm Valve

Sanitary Discharge Pipeline

Marine storm valves are primarily used to discharge sewage water from marine vessels. The valves are designed to open at a pressure equivalent to water litters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a storm valve for your boat’s marine environment, you’ll want to ensure it’s made of bronze, bronze, copper, or brass. Also, before it leaves the manufacturer’s hands, it’s been carefully polished and tested to ensure it works properly. Plus, if you want your pipes and vessels to last longer, they must be copper or bronze.

In sanitary discharge pipelines with a ship-side outlet, storm valves, also known as scupper valves, are used to stop seawater from entering the system during high seas.

A forged valve body comprises a solid steel bar that’s been forged and machined. Standard cover body materials for forged valves include ASTM A105, ASTM A350, and ASTM A182 for small size (high pressure) and ASTM A216, A352, and A351 for cast steel valves.