Marine Ball Valve

Marine ball valve is a kind of valve used to control fluid or gas in the marine environment. They are constructed from materials such as steel or bronze, making them very strong and resistant to corrosion. 

The valve works by rotating a ball with a hole in the center that connects to the pipe while open and restricts the flow when rotated 90 degrees. It can be found anywhere, from boats and ships to offshore rigs.

They are used for various purposes, including fuel management and water delivery.

Types of Marine Ball Valve

Bronze Marine Ball Valve

Bronze Marine Ball Valve

This ball valve is commonly used in the maritime and boating sectors and is normally made of bronze ball valve marine for corrosion resistance. It is made particularly for saltwater applications.

Full Port Marine Ball Valve

Full Port Marine Ball Valve

This valve features a bigger diameter, which allows for maximum flow while decreasing pressure loss, making it ideal for applications requiring unrestricted flow.

3-Way Marine Ball Valve

3-Way Marine Ball Valve

This valve features three ports, making it simple to switch between outlets. It's frequently found in intricate pipe systems on ships or in maritime constructions.

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Applications of Marine Ball Valve

Bilge Pump Systems

Bilge Pump Systems

Fuel Line Control

Fuel Line Control

Freshwater Systems

Freshwater Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marine valves are an important component of any ship. They are primarily used to control the amount of pressure, flow, and direction of the liquid via the pipeline. If you can’t regulate the fluids within the spacecraft, it can seriously impair performance.

Seacocks – Seacocks are vital parts of every well-built yacht plumbing system, engine cooling system, and water ballast system. They can be used to control the flow of air or water and should be required for all below-waterline connections. Although ball valves are commonly used in the construction of seacocks, not every ball valve is a seacock.

Ball valve – Ball valves function similarly to seacocks, although they are not intended to be attached directly to the hull of a boat. Most of them feature NPT threads on both ends and are only compatible with tapered pipe fittings.

A ball valve is a mechanism that allows you to easily switch the flow of liquid on or off with a tiny amount of pressure. It consists of a ball with a hole in the center that connects to the pipe and rotates to halt the flow when closed. It is commonly seen in pneumatic or hydraulic systems.