Marine Gate Valve

A type of valve frequently used in maritime and offshore applications to regulate the flow of fluids like water, oil, or gas is the marine gate valve.

To provide dependable and effective flow control in maritime situations, it is built with a sliding gate or wedge that can be moved perpendicular to the flow channel to open or close the valve.

Types of Marine Gate Valve

Rising Stem Gate Valve

Rising Stem Gate Valve

The rising stem gate valve is one of marine gate valve types where the stem travels up and down as the valve is opened or closed, enabling precise control of fluid flow and providing a visual indicator of the valve's state.

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve

The non-rising stem gate valve is appropriate for installations with limited vertical space because the stem stays stationary while the gate travels up and down to control the flow of fluids.

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

The knife gate valve has a sharp-edged gate that cuts through materials and prevents clogging while maintaining a tight shut-off. It is ideal for handling viscous and abrasive media in marine applications.

Wedge Gate Valve

Wedge Gate Valve

The wedge gate valve isolates fluid flow effectively. It reduces the possibility of leakage in maritime systems by using two sloped seating surfaces on the gate to form a tight seal.

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We are the Leading Marine Gate Valve Manufacturer

As leading marine gate valves manufacturer, Rongkang Valve is famous throughout the maritime sector for its remarkable quality and dependability. 

Our unique, precisely constructed gate valves are made to suit the exacting requirements of marine applications thanks to our years of experience. 

Count on us for unmatched durability and outstanding performance on the high seas.

Durable Construction

We use corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or bronze to ensure long-lasting function even in challenging saltwater settings.

Precise Flow Control

Our marine valves provide fine fluid flow control, effectively regulating water, fuel, or other substances aboard ships and offshore platforms.

Reliable Sealing

Rongkang marine gate valves are renowned for sealing solid qualities, which stop leaks and preserve the integrity of systems and pipelines.

Easy Maintenance

We fabricate marine gate valves with parts that are easy to get your hands on and easy to maintain, which means less maintenance and less time wasted for maritime workers.

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Applications of Marine Gate Valve

Shipboard Ballast Systems

Shipboard Ballast Systems

Bilge and Pumping Systems

Bilge and Pumping Systems

Seawater Intake and Cooling Systems

Seawater Intake and Cooling Systems

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

In marine applications, gate valves regulate fluid flow within pipelines or systems, offering a dependable and tight shut-off capability.

In marine applications, gate valves precisely control fluid flow and provide dependable shut-off, minimum pressure drop, longevity, and adaptability. They are crucial in preserving safety and functioning in maritime situations because they guarantee the effective operation of systems, including water supply, ballast, and fuel oil.

Due to their design, gate valves can decrease pressure when partially closed, obstructing the flow path. However, they largely minimize pressure drop when fully open, enabling effective fluid movement.