Marine Globe Valve

Marine globe valves control the flow of liquids such as water, oil, or gas within a marine vessel. A marine globe valve is a component of a shipboard or offshore system.

Marine globe valves have a spherical body with internal mechanisms allowing precise flow control by moving a disc or plug.

These valves play an essential role in the safe and efficient operation of many marine applications, including propulsion, cooling, ballast, and more.

Types of Marine Globe Valve

Stop Check Globe Valve

Stop Check Globe Valve

The stop check globe valve is a multipurpose maritime valve that combines a globe valve and a check valve. It controls fluid flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow to preserve system integrity.

Angle Globe Valve

Angle Globe Valve

The angle globe valve has a 90-degree angle between the outlet and intake ports and a specific design for places with limited space. This makes it great for fitting tight spaces on ships or offshore platforms.

Bellows Globe Valve

Bellows Globe Valve

Bellows globe valves are perfect for dealing with corrosive or toxic liquids while keeping out any outside contaminants. They're essential in marine environments where leak prevention is critical. They're made of flexible metal bellows that form an airtight seal.

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Our valves provide optimum performance and safety in the problematic marine environment thanks to a solid dedication to precision engineering, durability, and compliance with international regulations. 

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Corrosion Resistance

Our marine globe valves are carefully made with materials and coatings that resist corrosion, ensuring a lifetime even in challenging saltwater environments. The operating lifespan of your maritime systems is extended, and maintenance expenses are decreased thanks to this feature.

Precise Flow Control

Our valves have advanced flow control features that allow you to control fluid flow accurately in marine applications. With this level of precision, operations are streamlined, waste is minimized, and energy and cost savings are achieved.

Compliance with International Standards

Our valves meet the strictest international maritime standards, including those of the ABS and IMO. This ensures that our products are dependable and secure, making them the ideal choice for marine applications worldwide.

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Applications of Marine Globe Valve

Engine Room Liquid Flow Control

Engine Room Liquid Flow Control

Ballast Water Management System

Ballast Water Management System

Seawater Cooling System

Seawater Cooling System

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ball valve is a rotational motion valve that employs a spherical ball to control fluid flow. In contrast, a glove valve is a linear motion valve that uses a flexible diaphragm. Glove valves are appropriate for applications needing a high degree of control and a low danger of contamination, but ball valves are frequently favored for their durability and swift operation.

The maximum pressure a globe valve can withstand varies depending on how it was built. Globe valves can often withstand pressures of up to several thousand pounds per square inch (psi), with specialized types able to withstand even greater pressures for particular industrial uses.

The “T-pattern” globe valve, which has a T-shaped body form, is a typical type of globe valve. It has a linear motion stem that allows for accurate flow control in various applications by raising or lowering a disc or plug into the flow stream.