Marine Angle Valves

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Types of Marine Angle Valves

Marine Angle Valves1

JIS F7354 SDNR Marine Angle Valve

For piping applications of 205℃ or lower.

Marine Angle Valves2

JIS 10K Cast Steel SDNR Marine Angle Valve

Best for water and fuel oil piping up to 300℃.

Marine Angle Valves3

Cast Iron Angle Globe Marine Valve

Best for steam piping of 205℃ or lower.

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Applications of Marine Angle Valves

Fuel and lubrication control

Fuel and lubrication control

Control the lubricating oil and fuel flow and optimize your vessel’s engine performance with our marine angle valves.

Steam and water distribution

Steam and water distribution

Manage steam and water distribution, vital for cooling, heating, and other shipboard operations with marine angle valves.

Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems

Equip your vessels for fire suppression and emergency shut-off with marine angle valves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Angle valves on a ship regulate the flow of gases and fluids in various systems. They are designed to control fluid and gas distribution, regulating their passage and ensuring precise control. With many shipboard applications, they can be located in water distribution, oil piping, fuel lubrication, and steam systems in maritime engineering.

Angle valves are primarily used to regulate and reduce pressure within pipelines but can also influence temperature with some applications. Depending on the specific mechanism employed, they function as stop-check valves, needle valves, check valves, or shutoff valves.

Angle valves come in different sizes for diverse piping requirements. Typically, they range from  ½ to 2 inches in diameter for specific pipe dimensions and applications. Check out the angle valve drawing for exact sizes. The choice of size depends on different factors like system specifications, fluid type, and intended use.