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Qingdao Rongkang Valve produces valves that are ideal for use in nautical applications. They are built to withstand seawater, high pressures, and severe temperatures seen in the ocean.

Our products include ball, gate, check, and more. We employ cutting-edge materials and technology to ensure long-lasting valves and fulfill industry requirements. Marine valve manufacturer has you covered whether you’re utilizing them on a ship, sub, or offshore site.

Expert Marine Valves Solution Provider

Qingdao Rongkang Valve is a market leader in designing and producing specialty valve systems for maritime applications.

With a focus on innovation and perfection, Rongkang valve offers a diverse range of products, including ball valves, gate valves, and check valves, built to survive the demanding conditions of salt water, extreme temperatures, and high pressures. 

Our solutions are sturdy, highly efficient, and exceed the industry’s highest safety and performance standards.


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Marine Ball Valve

Marine Ball Valve

Marine Ball Valves are intended to provide consistent flow control in harsh maritime environments, and they are often composed of corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel and bronze to withstand salt water, pressure, and severe temperatures.

Marine Check Valve

Marine Check Valve

Marine Check Valves are a type of valve used in maritime systems to prevent backflow, and they're built of corrosion-resistant materials like bronze and stainless steel that can withstand high pressures.

Marine Y Valve

Marine Y Valve

Marine Y-valves are a vital part of a vessel's onboard head sanitation system or marine sanitation system, which transports waste from the vessel's holding tank to the onboard waste fitting or overboard.

Marine Anti Siphon Valve

Marine Anti Siphon Valve

Anti-siphon valves are often made of corrosion-resistant materials to provide longevity and reliability in maritime applications, and they are intended to prevent backflow and fluid siphoning.

Marine Fuel Tank Selector Valve

Marine Fuel Tank Selector Valve

A marine fuel tank selector valve allows you to switch between multiple gasoline tanks, allowing your engine to operate smoothly and keeping you safe on the water.

Marine Storm Valve

Marine Storm Valve

Storm valves are most commonly seen in ship sanitary systems with a boat-side outflow, and they let water flow over the ship's side while keeping seawater out of the system during severe seas.

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Our service prioritizes supplying marine valves engineered to achieve the most significant performance, durability, and safety levels.

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We provide marine valve solutions of unrivaled quality that are adapted to the unique requirements of maritime applications. We offer solid, long-lasting solutions by combining revolutionary technology with decades of industry knowledge.

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Our company has been producing maritime valves for decades.

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Stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials should be used.

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Customized solutions for specific needs.

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We have you covered for all of your tech requirements  24/7.

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Customer satisfaction across a variety of maritime businesses.

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Meet and surpass industry requirements with precision.



Captain Luke, Cargo Vessel Operator

"Our experiences with their valves have been uneventful, even in the most challenging settings. A+ in terms of quality and durability."

Carol Frost

Jones, Marine System Designer

"Their customized solutions are unrivaled in terms of value. Their crew understands the intricacies of maritime applications."

Roger -Goetz-

Rico, Veteran Marine Mechanic

"As a 30-year maritime veteran, I can undoubtedly state that their marine valves are of the best quality and dependability."

Kevin Dhillon

Maddy, Quality Assurance, Marine Systems

"The comprehensive testing of each valve ensures that the installation is of a product designed to last."

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Frequently Asked Questions

-It is primarily utilized to control the pressure, velocity, and direction of the fluid in the ship’s pipeline. If the flow of fluids inside the ship cannot be controlled, the ship’s performance will suffer dramatically.

-Vessels are critical to ship systems because they regulate onboard systems’ fluid pressure and flow rate. Valves can carry gases, vapors, slurries, semi-liquids, and fluids.

-Automated valves exist in various forms and sizes, and you’ll learn about three valves. There are three types of Marine valves: linear, rotary, and auto-actuated. Several valves are available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This training session will concentrate on rotary valves and linear actuated valves.

-In the case of an emergency, master valves are put on each of the pipes connecting the tanks to separate one tank from the other. This vessel does not have a stripping line or a pump.